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Certified In-Person and Webinar Dispensary Training

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Training

Certified Dispensary Training

HempStaff’s cannabis training for dispensary jobs, the first and most well known State Customized, Classroom Style Dispensary Training. We have trained and certified over 7,000 Dispensary Agents in 20 states since 2014. Dispensary Owners prefer hiring trained employees for their dispensary jobs, this is why we created our Budtender Training Classes! Current classes scheduled for Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, Arkansas, Ohio, New Jersey, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Massachusetts. All classes also include our cannabis resume review service!

State Customized

Complete Industry Overview

5+ Years of Training Experience

Customized, Classroom Style Dispensary Training

We have trained and certified over 7,000 Dispensary Agents in 20 states since 2014.

Dispensary Owners prefer hiring trained employees.

Our in-person and webinar training are designed to give you the skills needed to make yourself more marketable and succeed in the cannabis industry. Our trainings are customized based on the State you live in and include an overview of the cannabis industry, cannabinoid & terpene breakdown, product & review training, how to recommend dosage, plus our resume review service.

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Currently HempStaff has over 50,000 candidates in our cannabis recruiting database, many who have taken our certified training courses to make themselves more marketable in the cannabis industry.

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I liked that the speakers were able to go more I depth with their information rather than assume the class knew a lot of content. The class gave me confidence that I felt I could have started training that afternoon. Breakfast was a great touch!.

This was my second HempStaff class and once again I had a great time. There is so much knowledge to be learned and HempStaff is the perfect first step to start out your career in the medical cannabis industry.

“I thought this medical marijuana dispensary training was well worth my time and money. I was satisfied and felt optimistic in the direction things are moving after seeing others talk about one of my biggest passions the past 4 years. Highly approve of approach to let those who do not pass the Budtender certification test return until they know and understand the basics needed to succeed and grow as an individual.

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